Nippon Kogaku Binoculars

Early Nippon Kogaku and Pre-Nippon Kogaku Binoculars

Front:Pre-Nippon Kogaku, Fujii Bros. Victor No.5 x6
Rear:Prewar Nippon Kogaku Orion 6x24

Dr.Ryuzo Fujii was an officer in Japanese Imperial Army and studied
optics and other precision mechanics in Germany. He felt the need for
domestic military optical manufacturing in the war with Russia.
He then retired Army to found the Fujii Bros. Optical Mfg. with his
brother Mitsuzo. They manufactured binoculars and other military and
civil optical instrument and later became engineeringly the main body
of the Nippon Kogaku founded in 1917 with other two companies.


Front and rear view of the Fujii's Victor and Nikko Orion binoculars.

Nikko Luscar 6x20 binoculars


In 1921, Nippon Kogaku hired Dr.Acht and other eight German engineers
to improve their engineering skill. Their first work included the
thorough redesigning of the binoculars. This Luscar pair was among
the first appeared in 1921. The Mikron was among the number in 1921.


BACK:Popular Orion 6x24 and Front:Luscar 6x20

Nippon Kogaku 3 inch small astronomical telescope
3inch3" and 2" small(amateur) telescopes first appeared in1919
but they seldom sold because they were quite expensive. Seizo Goto,
the founder of GOTO opt. co. recalled when he joined the Nippon Kogaku,
only 6 of them has been sold in the course of 6 years before he joined.