The Pistol Flashmeter
The Pistol FlashmeterThe Pistol Flashmeter
A magnesium ribbon dispenser for flash
photography or contact printing.
The date and the origin unknown.
Probably from the early 20th century?

The Magnesium ribbon was invented in the mid 19th century
and used for night and indoor photography until the flash
powder was developed in the late 19c. But it continued in
use in the darkroom for a long period.

Pistolback The direction for use is written on
the back of the Pistol Flashmeter

Project the ribbon rotating the disc
by means of the thumb and finger until the
length required is obtained. The scale
enables the correct length of ribbon to be
measured, thereby ensuring uniformity of exposure
When making a number of Gaslight prints
or lantern slides
For continuous burning, the ribbon
mayh be slowly projected by steadily
rotating the disc.