Leotax Cameras

Founded in 1938, the Leotax camera co. was the second oldest Japanese
maker to produce LTM 35mm cameras.The oldest being Canon, of course.
Thier first camera was Leotax (original) with an uncoupled rangefinder.
It was discontinued shortly and they made Semi-Leotax cameras.
In about 1942, Leotax Special A and B came out. The viewfinder was
located outside of the rangefinder to avoid the infringement of Leitz patent.
The identification of Leotax camera is too complicated to list here,
but here's the list of types they produced in time series.

Leotax original(1939), Leotax Special A (slow setting ) and Special B
(w/o slow)(1942),Special A and B post war model, Special D II,
Special D III, D IV, Leotax F, S, K, T, TV,K3,T2,TV2/Merit,FV,Elite.
After Leotax went bankrupt, G and Elite S2 were sold under a mortgager.

Front:Leotax DIV w/Simlar 5cm F1.5
Rear left:Leotax T w/Topcor 5cm F2.8
Rear right:Leotax elite w/Leonon 5cm F2
Leotax G with Topcor S 5cm F1.8
While Nicca featured the Nikkor lenses, Leotax boasted Tokyo Kogaku (Topcon)
lenses and later added the Fujinon line of lenses. Both were superb lenses.

Front:Topcor 3.5cm F2.8
2nd row l-to-r:Simlar 5cm F1.5,C.Simlar 5cm F3.5,Simlar 5cm F3.5
3rd row l-to-r:Topcor 5cm F2.8,,Topcor 5cm F2 chrome barrel
Topcor 5cm F2 black barrel, Topcor 5cm F1.8 and Leonon 5cm F2(not Topcon)
Back row l-to-r: Topcor 9cm F3.5 and 13.5cm F3.5

Here's an intersting sample.
Very small number of this lens were
made around '47-48, in the special DII era.

Leotax T(left) and Leotax Elite(right) with Topcor 9cm F3.5
and 3.5cm F2.8 with matching finders.13.5cm F3.5 is in the back
The viewfinders are of lifesize design with 5cm/9cm/13.5cm and
3.5cm/5cm frames respectively. The 3.5cm finder is really remarkable.

Fujinon Lenses

Front row l-to-r:Hood for Fujinon 10cm, 5cm F2, viewfinder for 3.5cm
2nd row l-to-r:Fujinon !0cm F2, 5cm F1.2 with hood, 3.5cm F2